HTML5 & CSS3, and PING

Just a couple of interesting links.

Designing for the Future with HTML5+CSS3 : Tutorials and Best Practices

I am not a web designer but I have made my fair share of websites since I created my first in 7th grade. My friend Porter had created his and I thought it was pretty awesome. I wrote my first webpage from scratch in notepad sometime in 1997. It was a monstrosity with tons of animated GIFs on a hideous background. Since then I have messed around with HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript (most notably jQuery). Now with HTML5 and CSS3 we have some more cool toys to play with. The primary use of computers is becoming internet usage. This means javascript libraries and javascript engines are going to play more important roles.

The Story of the PING Program

The best anecdote is that the creator of PING is jealous of the guy who used PING to create traceroute. Awesome.