Privacy VS. Exposure

I recently locked myself out of my own blog. I could not for the life of me remember my password. It took numerous tries to get in. After the gawker password fiasco, I went around changing my password on every account I could remember. Unfortunately it seems that I have a predilection for signing up for everything on the internet. I have accounts I signed up for, used once, and promptly forgot. Another revelation is that many many websites do not have an automated way to cancel or delete accounts. requires you post in a forum thread to have your account removed. And even gawker, the reason behind all of this, doesn’t have a mechanism for deleting your account. Ridiculous.

Recently I have begun to google myself on a regular basis. Not because I want to gauge my popularity, but to find out what information about myself is publically available. I found out that it was too easy to find out quite a bit about Martin Gehrke by just searching for my name. Add a location and it ruled out my foreign brethren, riding the results of my German name-twins.

I want the right people to be able to learn about me through my web presence: friends, colleagues, future potential employers. At the same time I want as much privacy as I can have.