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Well I finally have the house to setup my permanent home network. Being that I spend 10+ hours a day administrating my employer’s network and infrastructure it is mucho exciting to set my own up. I have a colleague who showed me his network diagram and I was impressed. I have no trouble setting up floorplans for data centers because they are a simulacrum of reality. When it comes to network diagrams I start one and halfway through trash it. It seems there is an inifite number of ways to represent a simple network.

My setup:
I am running dd-wrt on a Linksys WRT54G v4. I bought this 3+ years ago off craiglist, it has served me very well. I had to upgrade from v24 SP1 to a v24 pre-SP2 because I was experiencing some issues with the router freezing which required a reset. You really have to read the dd-wrt wiki and forums carefully to pick out the correct firmware. I am running a Brainslayer standard build with no kaid support (a gaming protocol). It uses the NEWD drivers, but not the NEWD-2 drivers which should only be used on the latest routers. The firmware also still uses 2.4 kernel. While there are firmwares that run the 2.6 kernel you have to be careful because they all use the NEWD-2 driver which has a tendancy to brick older routers.

Networks: Main LAN Private WLAN secured with WPA2 (TKIP+AES) Guest WLAN (unsure what security to implement) Out of band management LAN

I might add a OOBM wifi in the future if necessary. I have the config 90% done. The guest WLAN is created but not separated from the other networks. In the end the guest WLAN will have access only to the internet and no internal networks. It would be easier to accomplish this by buying a 2nd router, but at this time my funds are limited. I have scoped out the next dd-wrt compatible wireless router I would get: Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH. It retails for $79 right now and offers some significant upgrades from my current router.

Model H.W. rev FCC ID Platform & Frequency [MHz] RAM [MB] Flash [MB] Wireless NIC WLAN standard [802.11] mini PCI Serial port JTAG port Eth. port count Volt. Input [V/A] extras min required DD-WRT version
WZR-HP-G300NH v1 FDI-09101560-0 Atheros AR9132@400 64 32 Atheros AR9103 b/g/n 1 1 4 LAN 1 WAN (Gb) 12V 2A 1 USB 2.0, 1000 BaseT (Gb) switch v24sp2 v13525 20091228
WRT54G 4.0 Q87-WT54GV40 Broadcom BCM5352@200 16 4 Broadcom BCM5352 SoC b/g No Yes Yes 4 LAN 1 WAN 12V 1A ? ?

UPDATE: DD-WRT Router Recommendations

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