Laptop Surgery

This past weekend my wife accidentally spilled hot chocolate on her mostly new laptop. We bought her an ASUS 1015PED netbook not too long ago to replace her 4+ year old Dell Inspiron laptop.

The first thing you want to do whenever you spill anything on electronics is to turn it off IMMEDIATELY.

The second thing you want to do it put it rice or a permeable bag and then in cat litter. Because she spilled hot chocolate and not water, removing the liquid isn’t the problem. The issue is that after the water evaporates it leaves behind sticky chocolate.

After turning it off and waiting until the next day, it powered on fine. Unfortunately certain keys were not working. Today I got a chance to open it up. I know this voids my warranty but the warranty does not cover spilled liquids. It was not easy to get it open because it is made to look smooth and seamless (stupid apple influence). I managed to get it open by removing a bunch of screws and breaking a couple little plastic clips. I wiped it down, removing quite a bit of dried hot chocolate. I reassembled it and it powered on fine.

The same problem persists, certain keys don’t work. You can’t really use a computer when the ENTER key doesn’t work. Additionally the BACKSPACE, and arrow keys don’t work. Even after cleaning the mouse buttons they still don’t function either.

I don’t know if I can disassemble the keyboard, it seems to be one piece. I looked online but can’t find a replacement keyboard for my model.