Burgh’ers, BRGRs, and more burgers.

Due to some alignment of heavenly bodies, I have found myself enjoying the culinary delights of a few various purveyors of the hamburger. A singular invention, it is served at five star restaurants, practically every diner in the US, and at backyard barbecues. I wanted to collect my thoughts on the three restaurants that I found myself eating at in the not so distant past. I do this so in the future when I can’t remember whose burger was better, I have a record.

Burgh’ers in Harmony PA

Burgh’ers has won various awards for its fare. Just after it was recommended by a friend, Groupon had a coupon for it. $12 for a shared salad appetizer, and 2 burghers from their regular menu. I ordered the Pitt’s Burger with an extra side of cole slaw. Burgh’ers patties are thin and therefore hard to cook to order. I like my burgers medium rare, and due to the svelt nature of their patties, I did not receive a correctly cooked burger. The shared salad was small but tasty. The cole slaw was overly minced, but the sauce was acceptable. It was also expensive, $3 for a side. The whole place was pricey for a hole in the wall restaurant.

If I were to go again, I would not order one of the standard burgers, but build my own with at least 2 patties, and extra pickles. Always extra pickles. No cole slaw.

Burger: 4/5
Cole slaw: 3/5
Price: 3/5
Service: 4/5

BRGR in Cranberry, PA

Just last night my wife and I were at their restaurant in Cranberry.  The ambiance is cool with a fancy ranch type theme. They have the sports bar angle covered too with large TVs that were playing the NE/Miami NFL game. I started out with the fried pickles for an appetizer. They were delicious. For the main course I ordered the Average Joe, which is a standard cheeseburger, with extra pickles, and cole slaw on the side. The meat was cooking perfectly medium rare. They state on their menu that the meat is “A SPECIALTY BLEND OF ANGUS CHUCK, SIRLION, NEW YORK STRIP AND RIBEYE.” It was tasty, but I couldn’t tell the difference from a regular pattie of ground chuck. Unfortunately the great burger was not accompanied by a good slaw. The cole slaw was way too fancy. It didn’t even resemble cole slaw, but more of a salad with cole slaw dressing. It had golden raisins in it. Too fancy by far. We rounded out the dinner with a dark chocolate milkshake. BRGR bills itself as a gourmet burger and shake restaurant, and they definitely don’t disappoint on either.

Next time I would order the exact same thing sans cole slaw.

Fried Pickles: 5/5
Burger: 5/5
Cole Slaw: 0/5
Milkshake: 5/5
Service: 4/5

Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger in Ann Arbor, MI

I found myself up in Ann Arbor with my brother-in-law and a buddy this past weekend for the first night game in the Big House. Michigan was playing its second game of the season against bitter rival Notre Dame. Unfortunately due to rain the golf course where we planned on tailgating was flooded. My friend, who attended U of M for undergrad, recommended Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger. It is just off the beaten path which didn’t hurt business as the line was out the door. The place is one of the ones you hear about with a “unique” service attitude. They have no issue with demand, so they don’t mind treating their customers a bit more gruffly than usual. There is no dithering when you approach the counter to order.

The patties are small, so I ordered a quint or five patties, with extra pickles of course. We didn’t have time for any sides and had to eat the burgers on the walk to the stadium. Each pattie is small and thing, therefore hard to cook to order. The meat also ends up crumbly and the burger frays at the edges.

Next time I would like to site down and enjoy the burger. Unfortunately they don’t sell cole slaw.

Burger: 4/5
Fries: 4/5
Service: 3/5

Tilted Kilt in Pittsburgh, PA

This restaurant does not pride itself on its food or its service. They have customers because of the wait staff. Otherwise know as a breastaurant, the waitresses wear skimpy clothing with their chests prominently displayed. Despite this they managed to have a pretty good burger and the best cole slaw I have found in the ‘burgh. Unfortunately their service is abysmal. It does vary slightly depending on when you go, but overall the service is not good, sometimes horrible.

The burgers are big, cooked decently, and tasty. Their cole slaw is delicious and I always order an extra side to put a little on the burger and scarf down the rest.

Burger: 4/5
Cole Slaw: 5/5
Service: 1/5

North Country Brewery in Slippery Rock, PA

The local brewery has unique decor and some decent beers. They advertise various meat choices for your pattie: beef, local beef, elk, and buffalo. Unfortunately they no longer have elk, and have yet to remove it from the menu, confusing adventurous diners. The burger is better than a standard diner burger, but not anything special. The cole slaw is better than most. The burger is worth getting once, but I would not go here as a “burger destination.” If you do happen to find yourself here make sure to get a pint of the Amber Waves of Grain. It is one of the best microbrews I have ever had. A nice malty dark ale, the hop bitterness is subtle but present.

Burger: 3/5
Cole Slaw: 4/5
Amber Waves of Grain Ale: 6/5