Nostalgia for childhood’s movies

I am a product of the 80s and early 90s. This includes movies of that great period. It has been a long time since I have seen some of them but I remember them all with at least a little bit of fondness. I recently stumbled across Good Bad Flicks, the sitename speaks for itself. Here are a list and links to a few of movies the site helped me rediscover. Note bene: not all of these are from my childhood, but I haven’t seen them in a long time.

WARNING: Each review, while also filled with trivia and info, includes a full plot recap filled with spoilers.

While I didn’t discover this film until early college, it has become a early Halloween staple and led me to all things Lovecraft, something for which I am indebted.

Suburban Commando
I loved all things Hulk Hogan growing up. I remember watching this movie, too bad it didn’t stand the test of time. The Rock is a much better cross-over than Hulk ever was.

Super Mario Bros
I remember thinking this movie was both awesome and incredibly cheesy, turns out this one has a storied production.

I took my 12th brithday party to see Hackers and I loved it. I’ve rewatched it at least 10 times, and while the hacking and computer bits don’t stand up, I still love the gestalt.

I remember picking this one off the shelf at our local Blockbuster, before there was netflix and recommendation engines. It was before I discovered Philip K Dick. Another movie that introduced me to a great author.

Another birthday party staple, I have seen all 4 of these multiple times. We used to stay up all night and watch movies and then pass out the second the sun broke the horizon. Fun times which included gory furball filled horror.

Chopping Mall
I didn’t discover this film until just last year, but it is a also a product of the 80s.

Other More Recent Movies:

Deep Blue Sea

The Happening

Robot Jox : “The Iliad with Communists and Robots”