Downtime & DNS Registrars

I wanted to take a second to explain why has been down for about a week. I was forced to change my IP address on the hosting server. I also host my own DNS and backup DNS. I have been a customer of 1&1 Internet for about a decade now. They recently changed their UI and it was not letting me change the name of my nameservers. Every registrar requires you to create NS records if you want to host your own DNS, instead of using theirs. Well 1&1 makes you create subdomains for each nameserver instead of just A records. Their horrible UI was not letting me accomplish what I wanted.


Goodbye 1&1, hello Namecheap. I initiated the DNS transfer last week after just a day of fighting 1&1’s UI. Most DNS registrars will transfer your domain quickly. Not 1&1. They decided to make me wait the full 5 day period.

TL;DR I stopped using 1&1 for DNS registration because they replaced something that worked with broken-ness.