New setup at home

I just discovered, self described as “for those who have a computer lab at home.” The first computer homelab I had was about a decade ago when I built my first computer to run linux and serve webpages. I started with Fedora, then Debian, and finally Ubuntu.

I recently retired my DD-WRT router in favor of pfSense and a Unifi wireless AP. I have run DD-WRT on a router for about 7 years. First on a Linksys WRT54G (v2) for 6 of those years and then on a shoddy Netgear for the last 8 months. Until now I had never bought a new router. The WRT54G I bought off craigslist for about $30 back in 2007. The netgear was my parents old router. Now that we rely on wifi for more than the occasional laptop, it was time to beef up the setup. We use wifi for 2 Nexus phones, an old ASUS netbook, and a Chromecast.

I’m running pfSense on an old Dell desktop with an added Intel NIC. I have the Ubnt UniFi controller software running on pfSense as well. I’ve prefer to have a new appliance to run pfSense but its cheaper to run the more power hungry desktop (which cost nothing to buy) than buy a $100 or $200 router. Right now I’ve sunk $68 (the cost of the UniFI AP) into the new setup.

I should run the power number of the desktop and see what my return on investment would be if I bought a Ubnt EdgeRouter-Lite. There are rumors that the EdgeRouter-Lite will be able to run pfSense in the future. ¬†Ubnt’s EdgeOS might be sufficient too.