Job Titles Galore


I have been out of school for 8 years now and still trip myself up when people ask me what i do. It usually is some variation of “I run computers for an investment firm.” Which is true, but suffers from a massive lie of omission.

Computers is an understatement. I imagine most people think of computers as desktops. I used to do desktop management, transitioned to servers management, then spent a couple years as the sole HPC administrator before transitioning to my new role as CFEngine ninja.

Investment firm is also an understatement. I work for Two Sigma Investments and we do a lot more than manage investments.

This post is not about either of those understatements though. It was meant to be a short meandering through the various job titles I have held. So join me for a brief nostalgic sojourn.

Junior Systems Administrator
mostly perl scripting and hardware builds

Jack of all Trades Systems Administrator
desktop/phone/server support, window admin, linux admin, networking, data center management, pretty much EVERYTHING

Senior Systems Administrator
This role focused more on the linux admin and a lot of debugging

Global Systems Infrastructure Manager
I managed systems infrastructures in 4+ countries.

High Performance Computing Systems Administrator
I grew a 100 server compute farm into a 700+ server farm, managing multiple generations of hardware. I even brought in our first GPU servers. I managed a multimillion dollar budget.

Senior Linux Architect/Engineer
I worked with internal customers delivering a solution to meet their needs. I did a lot of hardware evaluation.

These days I am not sure what to call myself. All the above still applies but I spend the bulk of my time knee deep in CFEngine and managing the internal Sysadmin infrastructure (repository servers, CFEngine hubs, etc)

Here are some options for my current title:

Senior CFEngine Ninja
Grand CFEngine Poobah