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Which shell do you use?

We had a discussion at work today about which shell everyone uses.Everyone has their preferences. There are quiet a few to choose from: sh, bash, zsh, csh, tcsh, and ksh to name just a few. I use BASH and I don’t have a reason better than it’s the default and I have gotten used to it. One feature I love is

sudo !! #this will repeat your previous command as root

Which do you use and why?


I was one of the first Firefox evangelists. I ran it before 1.0. Back then the mass public had only one browser, IE6. Today there are many choices. It is exciting to see all the competition going on between Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and IE. Lifehacker has an overview of a number of test they ran: Browser Speed Tests

They all have their strengths and weaknesses. Which most users care nothing about. Opera has superfast javascript. Chrome is quick with DOM/CSS. Firefox has great extensions. But it really comes down to personal preference.

I run Firefox at home for a couple of reasons. There are some extension that I just can’t live without, I could not imagine browsing without them. I have been using Firefox from pre-1.0 days to 3.6. One thing that has been discouraging of late, is their release schedule. It seems that Firefox is behind the times. By the time they release a version with a feature, Chrome or Opera have had it for months. They have adopted a new development style “Lorentz” More here. Hopefully this will keep Firefox from being IE6 of old.

My must have Firefox extensions:
Better Gcal
PDF Download
Stop-or-Reload Button
Tiny Menu