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Edgespace Colocation

I made my first webpage in 6th grade. It was horrible and had tons of animated gifs and blinking text, but I wrote all the HTML myself in notepad and hosted it on AOL. Since then I have written, hosted, and been responsible for countless websites. Since college I have been helping out various groups with their webhosting needs. Edgespace Colocation is an effort to standardize and codify my various hosting responsibilities.

Right now I host or help with a number of non-profit sites. I donate my time, expertise, and resources.

If you know of a business of non-profit who needs help I would be grateful if you could refer Edgespace.

Data Centers

Just a quick bunch of links:

Data center locations ranked by operating cost : A nice view of the market 4 years ago, but in this industry, things change quickly. Look for new power sources to be the driving resources behind data center location choice.

Data Center Map Blog : updated with some regularity, they have a pretty good insight into the wheelings and dealings

Find A Data Power Map : I wonder where they got their data, it’s 2 years old but it at least gives you an idea. Look for real data center $/KWh to be high than what the map says.