Online Presence

It is ignorant to believe that you can be a citizen of the internet and not have your name pop up in search engines. Some of the results are you and some are another guy with your exact same name in a different country on a different continent. Here is a non-canonical list of my web presence.

Linked In Profile

My GitHub Account

The Sophomore Rivulet : Back in college a bunch of classmates decided to put me in my place and set up a parody website. Interestingly enough this is the number one result (after this blog) on Google Search. Thanks Will.

Central Park Track Club : While I am not a runner, my wife has been running competitively her entire life. I took over webmaster duties in 2007.

Systems and Network Administrators of Pittsburgh : A usergroup for technical administrations that I help with in Pittsburgh.

League of Professional System Administrators: I was a member of the Executive Board and the Chairman of the Local Chapter Committee.


As I said, non-canonical…