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Data Center Support Go Bag

The number of data centers we have a presence in has increased quickly. While we used to have a few close by, we now have many in disparate locations. This makes support much harder. Not just a bit harder but exponentially. We go there infrequently and not every place has the same equipment.  It wasn’t long before equipment from our regular data centers started going missing. A screwdriver here, a label maker there, and the items were never returned.

In order to stop this I created a Colo Go Bag. In this bag should be every conceivable piece of equipment a System Administrator could need.

Off the top of my head here are its contents:

label maker
cat5e cables in various lengths
cisco console cable
APC console cable
USB to Serial dongle
screwdrivers (long and flexible philips head)
laptop with power cord (dual boot windows 7 and ubuntu 9.10)
extra batteries for label maker
spare cartridge for label maker
packing tape
box cutter
sharpie marker
zip ties
spare hard drive ( of the most command size and interface)
crossover cable

Am I missing anything esstential?