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An Awesome Pair of Pants

I have the habit of wearing my clothing until they literally come apart at the seams. My younger brother rarely got hand-me-downs because of this. I usually head over to the local target and buy a pair of $15 jeans that hopefully last a couple months. My job does not have me outdoors or doing construction, but datacenters can get awfully dirty and I do my fair share of climbing on equipment and getting on the floor installing servers.

It turns out that there is something that is more awesome than denim, and you probably walk by it daily. This magic fabric is firehose, 13-oz. firehose cotton canvas to be exact. This past Christmas I received a pair of Firehose 5-Packet jeans from Duluth Trading Co. Not only do they look great, but they are tough. A friend of mine, who coaches crew for a living, swears by them.

I don’t wear my pair of Firehose jeans as often as my $15 jeans mainly because they are not cheap. At $45 a pair I don’t want to ruin them.